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        1. 樂礦機械設備制造有限公司

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          SG Gyrtory cursher provides higher capacities, lower power requirements, and more evenly distributed wear patterns on all crusher wear parts for lower operating cost per ton.

          • Ideal For

            · The most demanding crushing applications
            · Stationary and semi-mobile applications
            · The hardest rock and ores
            · Surface and underground operations

          • Main Benifit

            · Dual counter balance arrangement minimizes the dynamic forces transmitted to your supporting structure
            · Large-diameter main shaft upper journal with threaded, replaceable alloy steel sleeve
            · Hydraulically operated and controlled positioning system for quick and effective adjustment of the main shaft/mantle to compensate for liner wear
            · Main shaft position indicating system is included

          • Key Property

            · Exceptionally high capacity and maximum liner life
            · Long life and reliable operation provided by an extra heavy-duty frame
            · Optimized production provided by a computer-designed crushing


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