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          LCG Single-Cylinder Cone Crusher


          Luckcome has developed the LCG series cone crushers to fulfill all crushing needs. Incorporating the latest crusher know-how, the LCG series combines the highest crushing efficiency and end product quality with the lowest per ton production costs. If your aggregate or mining business demands big capacities, first-class cubicity or full mobility, you will find a Luckcome LCG crusher optimized for your needs. The LCG series cone crushers also provide you with unlimited possibilities in smooth process adaptation and full crushing process automation. Three typical crusher sizes are available for LCG-S series secondary cone crushers, altogether a selection of six different cavity profiles. Another five crusher sizes are available for LCG series cone crushers
          tertiary cone crushers, altogether over 20 different cavity profiles.


          High Performance Low Costs
          The high power levels made possible by the robust design of LCG cone crushers translate into high productivity. Proven heavy-duty design and high quality components with optimized wear parts keep operating costs down. Several stroke options allow LCG cone crushers to maintain maximum crushing efficiency in varying crushing applications. The choke feed arrangement is set by simply choosing the correct stroke for the LCG cone crusher-the most efficient crushing action is easily achieved. The steep head angle in secondary LCG cone crushers guarantee trouble-free operation in varying feed conditions with a high reduction ratio. The LCG concept allows big feed openings with a fairly small cone diameter. This is especially important in secondary applications as it means you can open your primary jaw crusher wider, potentially increasing the capacity of your plant. LCG crushers in the secondary line can also be used in gravel pits as primary crushers.
          A Wide Cavity Selection
          LUCKCOME LCG Series cone crushers can be easily adjusted for different production requirements. With a wide selection of cavities, the same crusher can be used in 2nd,3rd or 4th crushing stages, producing different end product sizes. The stroke change feature allows crusher through-
          put to be easily adjusted to work in harmony with the rest of the crushing plant. Full process adaptability is the result of being able to use several different crushing cavities in the same frame structure. This feature ensures that you are always able to adapt your LCG to the crushing process.

          LK50 Automation System
          The LUCKCOME LK50 automation unit comes as standard in most LCG Series cone crushers. This contributes significantly to the efficiency and availability of the crusher.The LK50 automation unit guarantees constant choke feeding. It also improves the liner utilization rate and
          thus the end product quality by promoting inter-particle crushing. The automation system keeps crushing at maximum operational limits and within safety margins. It also records production information and crusher performance. It gives graphic trending of up to 24 hours of operation, which improves reporting capabilities. The LK50 automation system offers a variety of control modes for various production requirements. Machines can
          operate with a fixed setting to achieve constant output gradation. The automation system can also automatically adjust the closed side setting to compensate the wear under load, ensuring that the optimum setting is always used. If reduction work needs to be maximized, the LK50 automation system can automatically and continuously adjust the setting to keep power draw and crushing force at the desired levels.



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