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          LCH Multi-cylinders Cone Crusher



          Luckcome LCH series multi-cylinders cone crushers feature a unique combination of crusher speed, throw and cavity design. It provides higher capacity and superior product quality, and provides a wider range of application suitability. LCH series cone crushers provide unbeatable performance in secondary, tertiary and quaternary applications.
          LCH series cone crushers are developed by Luckcome with its crusher production experience as well as the concept and technique absorption of the best-latest cone crushers in Europe and America. LCH series cone crushers are well known for their rugged construction and application versatility. They are fully appliable to mining industry where 24-hour, high reduction working enviroment. We introduced many new innovations to reduce maintenance and operating costs, and to provide designed-in modern features such as hydraulic setting adjustment, tramp release and cavity clearing. The field-proven LCH series combine the best of these technologies to provide the highest capacity, the best product shape, easy automation, as well as the greatest possible reliability and flexibility. All to help you achieve the highest possible level of profitability.


          Higher Capacity
          Thanks to the combination of higher speed and throw, which increases the machine’s power rating and throughput capability, LCH series cone crushers have the highest capacities for their size in the same industry.
          Higher Quality
          The unique interparticle crushing action of LCH series cone crushers create a higher value for your products by providing a more consistent gradation and a superior product shape(cubicity). The ability to operate at a fixed mechanical setting-instead of the head floating on a column of hydraulic oil-creates less setting drift and provides more stability throughout the circuit. The proven benefit of a threaded rotating bowl maintains a consistent setting around the entire circumference of the crushing chamber. Also, the use of a tramp release system with a fixed return point makes sure that the crusher setting is instantaneously maintained even after passing a piece of tramp iron. It also enable you to produce a finer product with fewer crushing stages, lowering your capital costs and saving energy.
          Higher Yield
          By operating the LCH series cone crushers on the lower end of its speed range, the product gradation can be shifted to produce fewer fines and a higher percentage of on-spec product.

          Less Downtime
          Dual-acting hydraulic tramp release cylinders mean the LCH cone crushers can pass tramp iron that would stall many competitors' crushers. The large clearing stroke independent of liner wear reduces the effort required to clear a stalled crusher, reducing downtime and increasing operator confidence. Hydraulic motors rotate the bowl for fine control setting adjustments that also rotate the bowl completely out of the adjustment ring threads for liner change out, greatly simplifying liner change.

          Easy To Maintain
          Bronze bushing used throughout provide superior load capability in the high-shock, dusty crushing environment. They’re low-cost, and easy to replace in the field with normal tools. LCH cone crushers are easy to disassemble. All components are accessible from the top or the side. The head and bowl can be
          removed without upsetting a bolted interference fit which result in the liners replacment at ease.

          Low Maintenance Costs
          High performance non-contacting labyrinth seals provide high reliability by keeping out dust without wearing out. Their simple design means fewer moving parts come into contact with the rock and dust. Excellent wear protection of all crusher components keep maintenance cost to a minimum.

          Application Flexibility
          LCH series cone crushers can be converted from the finest to the coarsest simply by replacing the mantle, bowl liner, adapter ring and the wedge bolts.
          Easy To Operate
          The hydraulic motor settles the adjustment under load capability which makes it easy to balance the crushing circuit and optimize crusher productivity. The addition of a hydraulic motor position transducer system to keep track of crusher setting is all that’s required to connect the crusher to a plant DCS system for full automation applications.

          Gradation  Curves *

          Cone crusher capacity charts are developed for use as an application tool to properly utilize the LCH crusher’s capabilities. The capacity figures shown apply to material weighing 1600kg per cubic meter. The crusher is one component of the circuit. As such, its performance is in part dependent on the proper
          selection and operation of feeders, conveyors, screens, supporting structure, electric motors, drive component and surge bins.


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